GST Explainer: Value Added Tax 2.0
Aprajit Mahajan , Shekhar Mittal
Posted on: 18 Oct 2017

Aprajit Mahajan (UC Berkeley) and Shekhar Mittal (UCLA) outline some features of the GST that attempt to address the challenges of implementing a VAT system in India.
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GST Explainer: A legal scholar’s view
Arvind P. Datar
Posted on: 17 Oct 2017

Arvind Datar, Senior Advocate and reputable legal scholar responds to the questions on GST posed in the introduction of this explainer.
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GST Explainer: A public finance expert’s view
Kavita Rao
Posted on: 16 Oct 2017

Kavita Rao, Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, responds to the questions on GST posed in the introduction of this explainer.
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The lad(y) doth protest too much, methinks
Pronab Sen
Posted on: 13 Oct 2017

Former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha has trashed the present government’s track record on economic management. In a recent article, economist Surjit Bhalla refuted Mr. Sinha’s claims with a point-by-point take-down. In this article, Dr. Pronab Sen responds to Dr. Bhalla’s critique.
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Recognition of snakebite as a neglected tropical disease: What does it mean for India?
Kaushik Bharati
Posted on: 10 Oct 2017
Topics:   Health

In June this year, the WHO placed snakebite envenoming on its list of top-20 priority neglected tropical diseases. In this article, Dr Bharati contends that India, which has the highest burden of snakebite mortality in the world, should grab the opportunity to spearhead the global initiative to tackle the disease.
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Inflation targeting: Should RBI revisit its inflation anchor?
Renu Kohli
Posted on: 09 Oct 2017

Ever since the RBI switched to flexible inflation targeting with headline Consumer Price Index as the inflation anchor, inflation has witnessed a dramatic collapse. In this article, Renu Kohli contends that volatile food prices have exposed the risks inherent in targeting headline CPI inflation.
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Universal basic income and the Indian macroeconomy
Shiv Hastawala
Posted on: 06 Oct 2017

In this article, Shiv Hastawala discusses how, given the macroeconomic framework of India, a universal basic income could potentially have a positive impact on the economy in terms of output, employment, and inflation.

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Electrified transport: Countdown to 2030
Epica Mandal Sarkar , Tanmay Sarkar
Posted on: 04 Oct 2017
Topics:   Environment

The Government of India is aiming to have only electric vehicles operating in the country by 2030. Despite the various policy initiatives that are being undertaken to make progress towards this ambitious target, the adoption of electric vehicles remains quite low. In this article, Sarkar and Sarkar discuss why this is so and what can be done to stimulate sale of electric vehicles in India.
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Should India hold US$400 billion of foreign exchange reserves?
Gurbachan Singh
Posted on: 03 Oct 2017

RBI’s foreign exchange reserves have now crossed the US$400 billion mark. In this article, Dr Gurbachan Singh discusses why India’s Central Bank should not hold such large reserves.
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A letter to Oxfam: Reframing the questions around private-sector healthcare
Jishnu Das
Posted on: 29 Sep 2017
Topics:   Health
Tags:   healthcare

A 2009 Oxfam paper puts forth the view that scaling-up private healthcare provision is very unlikely to deliver high-quality care to the poor. Commenting on the paper, Jishnu Das contends that while it is right to argue for investments that improve public healthcare and build State capacity, we will not get there by demonising the private sector.
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