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Fascinating and very timely research. Thanks for sharing your very interesting work on missing women. The main point you make about excess female mortality in women of reproductive ages and older due to "injuries" is an important one. Our focus on the skewed sex ratio at birth (as a result of a form of violence--foeticide and infanticide) has blinded us to the violence women face at later stages of their life cycles. As you point out, research that will identify pathways is important for us to know what we might have to tackle and how in different states to decrease this widespread and systemic violence against Indian women at all stages of their lives. That said, my question (as someone who has worked on improving evidence based global development policy in my former job at CGD in Washington, DC) to you is about translating such findings for policy formulation. What would you recommend to policy makers in India based on this research, especially in light of the recent incident in Delhi?  

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