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I have a question especially as the work pertains to Maharashtra. It is a historical fact that the precursor to the current MGNREGA project the EGS had been there since the 70s so there has been some learning effect among the population involved as to how the community based projects should be utilised which is a big capital and should not be ignored. But more important than it is what strikes me curious is that given Maharashtra's dubious distinction of witnessing the highest number of farmer suicides for more than a decade the period being almost coterminous with the MGNREGA and given further that most of these suicides have taken place in the drought prone areas of the state why MGNREGA has not been that much prominent in putting a speed breaker on the tempo of suicides given the utility of the assets created as demonstrated in the study especially the agricultural productivity enhancing assets like water harvesting structures and soil and water conservation projects which have been found to be very effective in the drought prone areas of the state. It would be very insightful if the role of MGNRGA is being studied from that angle to make the claims in the study more fool proof given the context of Maharashtra. This aspect seems to seriously missing from the current study

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