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Re Table 4 above, please update to the already released ASER 2013 - The National Picture. From the pictorial maps there, it ould seem that Gujarat has improved it's ranking considerably relative to the rankings shown in your table. More to the point, what I find perplexing is not the Gujarat model, which has been debated ad nauseum, but the inability to understand that elections are essentially about choosing between the [limited] alternatives on hand.So juxtaposing the above with a commentary of the "Congress/UPA" model, would help. The trouble, as I see it is this: A party that talks democracy, inclusion, secularism etc., but "walks" as if one, and only one family has the DNA needed to lead [and divide]India, deserves to be trashed. Rule it out, and the pickings get very slim, indeed. The "Gujarat Model" is in fact, just a tag for "we're looking for an alternative". And unfortunately, "NAMO"'s rise is perhaps more attributable to the "MMS-SoniaG" fiasco witnessed these last several years, than we are willing to admit or concede.

12/04/2014 21:04:48

Is there an essential indifference among those in power about poor people? If the last decade is to be taken into account it appears that they do not understand that improving the education, health and environment of all the people brings more well being not only to the poor but also to the wealthy.

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02/05/2014 00:09:20

In the interest of transparency could you please point us to your data sources and make the raw data available ?

Kartik Balasubram, India 05/05/2014 00:20:35

The data is available at the link below:

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12/05/2014 11:27:27

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