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I agree with the author that individuals are not as important as the issues espoused by them. I also agree that growth in its entirety is always unbalanced. It is in fact the imbalance that keeps the wheels of growth running. Economic growth must precede and social growth must follow. If it is the other way round, there is frustration and revolt as seen in the eastern parts of our country. If social growth is neglected too long after the economic one, even further economic growth is impeded for want of sufficient skilled manpower and so on. During the time we were besotted with socialism, we went ahead recklessly with spread of the public sector which did not produce enough wealth to fund its further growth. A plan holiday had to be declared. It is not as if great social strides were made during that period but the excuse trotted out then was that economic progress was not everything. After 1991, when the state stopped pretending that it was God, the growth has increased much more than the Hindu rate of growth - 3 %- barely ahead of the population growth. The state's role has to be trimmed much more so that it ultimately looks after only Law & Order within and Defence outside the boundaries. Minimum government and Maximum governance has to be our motto. The government must come into 'service' mode instead of the 'Rulership' mode as of now.

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Indian fetish with the matter of spirit (or mind) at the cost of body is couched beautifully in this piece. Sens and Bhagwatis of the world matter immensely, and Sen is taking a short-cut by not debating with Bhagwati--just think of what would have happened to Indian philosophy and epistemology (which BTW is saving India more than tons of the western-educated economists) if Mandan Misra would have decided not to debate Shankracharya (I would love to be wrong, but I am almost sure that Dr. Ray might have heard of this debate--therein lies the impotence of Indian intelligentsia when it comes to attacking Indian evils of social and gender inequalities). just a few grounded politicians like Nitish and Modi could bring about changes that no others from intelligentsia could have ushered in India.

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07/08/2013 00:19:01

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