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While it is a good idea to talk about the education policy reforms, it will be a good idea to bring into the policy recommendations that education, as measured by a degree (certificate) is not concentric with learning. The rampant issue of fake school board certificates, be it 8th, 10th is such a menace. Twelfth Board is reasonably ok, but still largely available for a price. Being a concurrent subject in the constitution, the States need to intervene heavily. I have interacted with so many who feel the fake certificates are a direct function of money. We have to get practical and stop this menace, whatever it takes. Highly politically sensitive matter, but a need of the time. The counter argument is that such fake certificates are automatically rooted out during the course of employer screening, where the learning levels are discerned easily. But lower paying jobs both in the government and more so in the private sector (such as security guards etc), do not subject the potential candidates to such scrutiny, because they find it profitable to trade off such risks by lower wages.

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04/12/2015 00:34:54

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