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For moment, let us leave alone this particular article. I see a fundamental and rather deep problem with the idea of "evidence-based policy", which happens to be the tag-line of Ideas for India. It betrays a serious error - that of applying empiricism in the social sciences. Empiricism is applicable as a method of knowing only when the subject matter is inanimate objects whose behaviour is repeatable and hence correct predictive theories of future behaviour can be obtained by observation of past behaviour. It is this very trait that makes controlled experiments possible and useful in the natural sciences but impossible and useless in the social sciences. It is rather big folly to assume that the past is a good guide to the future in the social sciences, especially in economics. Frankly, common sense is enough to tell us what is good policy. However, blinded as most of us are by the scientism that is so popular today, very few realise this point and pointlessly run behind "evidence" in a pretence of being scientific while all they are doing is being scientistic. Unless Ideas for India corrects this error, it will be just another sounding board for bad ideas. This article is just an instance of that rather general point. Common sense tells us that government intervention in education is bad for human wellbeing. The practitioner of scientism will, however, be a good intellectual contortionist and claim otherwise like this author does.

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Indian Government wants to provide quality education for student. They can make their career in right industry. Today private sector also plays important role in education sector. Private schools and colleges also offer quality education with better facilities than government schools and colleges.

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