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Syllabus - The Experiment with my Truth There were right decisions taken by the Indian government. Few among them, were bold and wise. The decision to print the image of Gandhi in the Indian currency, to have multiple statue of him, to label the area in his name, and to finally have a public holiday on his birth date. Unintentionally the decisions has turned us, to utter the word Gandhi frequently, and his image got registered in our hearts, whether we believe in his ideology or not. However, in reality, Indians youth feel shy talking about Gandhi. They feel even more embarrassed, reading Gandhian stuff in front of the public. May be they are interested talking about Gandhi to the foreigner, but not with the fellow Indians. The foreigners know more about Gandhi than the Indians. That’s the reason they got inspired and made the movie Gandhi, and it acclaimed several Oscars. The Gandhi has portrayed as the purest form of living being. Hence, no one wanted to become Gandhi. I agree, we cannot live or copy the life of Gandhi. However, the hard and obnoxious truth is, we just ignore him. May be the Indian cinema as portrayed the heroes in a different manner. Hero turns sentiment, when he see elders. Superman, when he face villain. Flirtatious, when he see heroine. And we have got hours talking about them with an elevated pride. When I talk about Gandhi to others. The either one of the following is, what exactly they think of me a) “See, this guy is comparing himself to Gandhi. He is a show off, want to show him that he is good” b) The other one is straight “This guy is boring and let’s make fun of him” I too had the same thoughts until I read his autobiography, “The experiment with my truth”. The perception, what I had on him as changed. Stunningly bold is the new brand image about Gandhi, got into my head post reading the book. There are whole lot of problems with India or with the Indians, to list the few a) Corruption b) Selfishness c) Worse Sanitation d) Poor Quality of Work (Few Exceptions) e) Carelessness f) Mediocrity g) Fragile h) Hopeless Government i) Poverty. If we look at the list closer, the problems are intertwined, one could be the lead reason of the other. Reading his life, will really help us to overcome all this. Knowing him will make more sense, rather than seeing him or utter his word frequently. The text book in schools always provided the glimpses of Gandhi, not the comprehensive version. Teaching Gandhi’s autobiography at school, for one year as a subject at 11th or 12th standard (Right age to understand) will bring lot of change in our upcoming generation. The experiment with my truth will help to nurture better Indians and bring peace to India.

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Sundaramoorthy Gurunathan, India 15/11/2015 05:01:42


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