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Black Mailing is the greatest form of corruption, be it by politicians or Bureaucrats. Politicians collect money from Bureaucrats for prized postings, and then the officer has to blackmail the citizens to recover ten times his investment and enough for his next posting. Bank Chairman or EDs pay a ransom to get the posting, and then they collect money from unscrupulous business men and give loans which from day one are not to be repaid. The Chairman is in the bank for a few months or max couple of years. No accountability makes it easy. Similarly a Tax Collection officer works. Bringing accountability is the answer to this problem

Ashwin Shah , India 16/09/2015 00:02:15

Excellent article and comes hard hitting, as a slap. It should open our eyes on corruption a disease that is eating into the vitals of the nation. -

mildin 100 stk mildin 90

21/10/2015 00:10:24

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