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This is very useful. Two related issues arise, one is the two-way-dependence between research on poverty induced by availability of data such as administrative data collected for other generation purposes and data collection , particularly household survey data , designed specifically to analyse and test particular theories of poverty generation and mechanisms of its enhancement or attenuation over time. As data collection has both social costs and benefits a social cost/benefit analysis of data availability, collection, analysis and research is a must. Decades ago almost prior to internet development I guest-edited a symposium for Jl.of Dev, Analysis on Data Base for Development Analysis. With the enormous development in theories,econometric tools theories, online data bases etc it is time to take a fresh look at the Data for Development Analysis. In my view MDG's continue to waste resources that could be better spent. I have suggested that the next World Congress of the International Economic Association could devote several sessions to the data issue. Hopefully if nothing else it will eliminate once and for all the use of the word "data" as a singular noun! T.N. Srinivasan

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