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We need to put all students through the same grind irrespective of their talent, interest and the type of talent needed by the society. There is very limited character building as well, because we do not want to say something like "Geetha" in curriculum or anything equivalent. So our whole system of education is geared towards making people average clerks, engineers and doctors. Many students end-up studying things which neither can absorb nor all of them need and also lose an opportunity of becoming what they can be good at. We probably need more vocational schools and curriculum designed such that people can branch off to different career paths.Excellence, Character building and choice should be hall-marks of new education policy. We also should have single board of education, instead of state and central. There could be tailoring to accommodate different language media as well as choice to accommodate state requirements. Even rural students if they can get access to CBSE type education can do well. Today´s world is connected and rural/urban divide will go away.

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01/06/2015 10:22:45

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